Affiliate - Lomerre - natural handmade cosmetics
Lomerre - natural handmade cosmetics

How affiliate works?

1, get your own private and public key and write them down. You can get new keys below.

2, generate your own affiliate links using public key.


3, promote a product. If a customer will clicks using your link and buy product(s), you will get paid.



Generate your own affiliate link:


1, select a product to promote:

2, Insert your public key here: (Don't have one? Get new one below)

3, Coupon code for your customers is here (15% discount):

Your affiliate link - use this for promotion in your blog, instagram, etc...:

This is not an example. You can use this link right away.

Don't forget to write down private key bellow.
Link too long? Use free shortening service like, or

Don't have your own public and private key yet?

We have generated one just for you.

You are the only one who can see these keys.


Private key: 0ArZdViyDloIgEYOYpgNfGgdnq5YZ5jh2AbMj5Spjfv
Public key: Hg1ks9EmgHqZKHTL20tugr


do NOT share private key! It's like a password. Protect it.

We are not able to recover LOST private keys!

The system distinguishes capital and small letters.




FAQ - frequently asked questions


Q: What is a private key?

A: Private key is like a password used for identifying yourself. Without it, we are not able to pay you a profit.


Q: What is a public key?

A: Public key is paired with the private key. You are using your public key in your affiliate links, so we can identify orders generated with your link.


Q: How many public and private keys can I have.

A: You can have as many as you want, but we prefer to have only one.


Q: How many affiliate links can I have?

A: As many as you want to propagate.


Q: Where can I use my affiliate link(s)?

A: Anywhere you are able to use them. In your blog posts, in your YouTube videos, in an email, you can share them on social media, such as Facebook or Twitter


Q: Link is not nice looking and it's long.

A: Use free shortening service like, or


Q: I have promoted lip balm, but customer bought something else. Will I have profit from this order?

A: Yes


Q: What if a customer that used my affiliate link returns the next day and buys something?

A: Our system is last click. That means, you will have profited from this customer until customer will click to another affiliate marketer's link.


Q: What is the percentage profit from one order?

A: Profit is 10% from any order.


Q: Is there a minimum withdraw limit?

A: You need to gain at minimum 30€ to withdraw your profit


Q: How can I check my balance?

A: Scroll down and use a form below. Paste your private key and submit the form


Q: How do I withdraw my profit?

A: Check your balance. If you have exceeded 30€, you will see a withdraw form. Fill there your private key and PayPal ID and submit the form.




Check your balance:


Enter your private key here: